Our Mission, Vision and Values

SVI Group

Our mission focuses our people and business - We're passionate about leading the industry in bold and daring directions by collaborating with you to create lasting memories.
Build an organisation in which innovation plays a central role 

Our Vision
We aim to create places at one with their environment with a distinct and vibrant identity, where people will want to live, work, shop and play. Our team is committed to sustainable planning and design.

These five values are what's important to us – they bind us and are at the heart of everything we do:
▪ Exceptional
▪ Passionate
▪ Bold
▪ Collaborative
▪ Respectful
SVI works collaboratively with the public and private sectors and the community with a view to improving our physical environment and encouraging professional and personal developing on an international basis, by facilitating exchanges of ideas between like-minded professionals.

Planning Meetings & Conferences

In the early days we were a partnership business servicing our own international event's, workshops and seminars. However, we grew steadily and so did our meeting and conferences base throughout UAE, Australia, Asia, South Africa.  As new global markets continue to open, we continue to expand our business. As a multinational company group that is substantially expanding our operations in every region of the world.
Conference, workshop, seminars incentive and special event management continue to be the core services we offer today.
We have remained true to our commitment to values, integrity and an absolute focus on customer service.
We have built a strong reputation and hold a prominent position in our industry.
For many years we have been heavily involved in industries close to Project Management and Information Technology.
We are experienced in creating program enhancements such as executive reward, team building, motivation, special events, gala events, product launch and major productions.
Many of our clients are repeat customers.
We have supported our industry in benchmarking professional standards.
Today our head office is substantial in infrastructure and we have qualified consultants located in Perth, Sydney and UAE.
We have strong international networks and a reputation for delivering a high level of service.

Planning Services...
Going beyond events logistics, SVI provides leadership in the execution of results orientated meetings using a unique and effective model for success.
With a depth of experience in executing large and complex international events, SVI provides full PCO and DMC services to a wide range of clients across many sectors.
​Additionally, the SVI Group is a professional global conference specialist in all aspects of conference ,workshops and seminars. SVI has extensive experience convening and managing events such as business conventions, conferences, meetings, and similar. They regularly manage their own events or can assist and manage in staging your own unique business events.

Delegate Services
Events Central is a division of Event Corp designed to provide event organisers with an efficient and cost-effective solution for handling group registration, accommodation and travel.
Providing an online registration and manual registration facility for event delegates Events central makes customer service its highest priority.


Over 20 years of experience has taught SVI that the most valuable and constructive method of dealing with potential partners, sponsors and venues is through face-to-face meetings in situ.

Our visits to the host cities regularly provide new and unforeseen opportunities, for example; meeting with a university may lead to suggestions for a collaborative approach using their venues, which we can immediately inspect to determine suitability. The same applies to spontaneous suggestions of additional partners leading to the need to springboard from one meeting to another in order to capitalise on new opportunities.

Additionally, our experience has been that by SVI taking the time to travel to the host city, prospective partners and sponsors take us more seriously and will often meet us at relatively short notice, knowing that we have travelled a long way and have only limited time in the city.

Consequently, SVI places great significance on the strength of face-to-face meetings in:

  • building relationships;
  • discovering new opportunities;
  • being able to respond to new ideas;
  • providing opportunities to quickly, and efficiently, examine the suitability of venues and partners.

Planning is at the forefront of making our urban areas sustainable and a great place to live, work, shop and play. In achieving these objectives for our clients, SVI takes a long-term view of community interests, is proactive in dealing with decision makers and communities, and produces informed outcomes that accord with international best practice.

After 21 ​years of consulting to large and medium sized corporations and governments internationally, our Business Consulting Services has recently developed a new program designed specifically for small business owners. Our advisory skills include a broad range of topics, such as technology planning, performance improvement, operations analysis and financial issues. Our company provides a highly specialised and professional range of services tailored to the development and infrastructure sectors, covering all elements of urban planning, ​integrated land use & transport strategy, project development and management, road safety and data collection.

Our Reach

Promotion and Marketing of the Conference:s

  • 92,000+ Professionals and academic emails and contacts
  • 63,000+ Private organisations, government emails and contacts
  • 20,000+ Associations, Institutions and Universities 
  • 3,000+ Media & PR
  • Commitment to provide promotional materials and information to the attendees of the prior conference during the prior year’s conference.
  • Website operational and registration.
  • A list of press conference participants. 

Sustainability, Transportation and Planning International Advisors

SVI is one of leading independent transportation and planning consultancies, with a reputation for excellence in complex and unusual projects.
We have a dedicated team of professionals able to advise on all aspects of public transport, sustainable transport and urban mobility and these fields of advice form the core of SVI’s service offering.

In 2002, our company was established following on from the successful working relationship and Initially focussing on public transport consultancy, we have grown to offer a wider range of services including:

  • Transit Systems
  • Transport Planning
  • Transport Technology
  • City & Regional Planning
  • Design Services
  • Business Improvement

In assisting our clients in these specialist fields, we provide access to an experienced team of planners, designers and technicians with the skill and expertise to respond to all the transport and planning challenges of a rapidly changing and expanding city.

SVI Group grew rapidly during our initial years, where we secured various high - profile projects including several international conferences and project development. Since that time we have been providing our full range of professional services to both public and private sector clients throughout UAE, Australia and Asia in the following sectors:
• Road and Transport Authorities
• Planning, Transport and Regional Agencies
• Public and Private Property Developers
• Infrastructure Regional Development Companies
• Architects, Planners and Project Managers
• Multidisciplinary and Specialist Consultants
• Tourism Convention Bureau and Authorities

Sustainability, Livability and vitality are central mantras to all SVI's work. We aim to create places at one with their environment with a distinct and vibrant identity, where people will want to live, work, shop and play. Our team is committed to sustainable planning and design.

Importantly, we understand the practicalities of delivering real-world outcomes. Vision and ambition are an excellent starting point, but without the necessary tempering by experienced professionals, these can so often result in impractical, undeliverable and unaffordable wish-lists. At SVI, we excel at shaping the ideas and vision of our clients into strategies, plans and designs that can be successfully implemented in the real world.

​In continuing to develop our service set we now also provide a complete one stop shop for your marketing requirements starting with market research, and including the development of marketing plans and selling strategies. We work specifically with technical, industrial or business-to-business products so you will spend less time having to explain your industry and products, and ultimately get much more effective results.